PreCog – providing smart city technology for smarter environments

Smart city technology can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from flow, efficiency reporting, security of assets and property and ensuring residents are kept safe from criminal acts. Using IoT hardware and sensors we are able to deliver data and solutions within Smart City projects that stand out from the crowd.

PreCog provides data and capabilities that have never been seen before and draws upon support from Microsoft, Arrow ECS and Cisco.

PreCog helps Governments to promote citizen wellbeing whilst empowering public safety and justice organisations to become efficient, increase detection rates of offenders and to ensure visitors, residents and workers are kept safe as they go about their daily lives.

Marrying PreCog’s capabilities in the smart city technologies environment with our advanced applications for Airport flow and data capture and soft port planning allows for previously separated data sets to complement each other. This could be used for advanced flow and density alerting through to public safety and efficiency planning.

national security technology
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