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Intelligence Gathering – PreCog systems can supply intelligence gathering capabilities to Government organisations. This is central to our capabilities and would include law enforcement, prison and probation services. Along with defence, national security partners and border force organisations across the globe.

Covert human intelligence sources, intelligence and counter intelligence gathering techniques exist, it’s no secret. British Government departments such as MI5 and MI6 have employed these techniques for decades. As have the American Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI.

Novel Techniques For Intelligence Gathering

Countries constantly require new techniques and capabilities and thats where PreCog comes in. Novel information can be supplied to countries, including the Five Eyes, allowing for previously unachievable effectiveness.

intelligence gathering

Our techniques and analytics bring you tools to tackle criminality and potential criminal behaviour in real – time. There is little point reacting to crime or the presence of individuals on interest AFTER the event. PreCog’s powerful processes allow you to become effective in the here and now.

We deliberately do not state how our technology and processes work. It is safe to say that it is not what you’re thinking. But the fact that you are thinking about it means you certainly need to reach out to us to discuss things in finer detail.

We are supported by some of the largest organisations in the world. These include Cisco, Microsoft, Arrow ECS and Atkins. You are in good company as are we. It’s most likely that you already work alongside most of our partners, making it really easy to commence discussions.

Please feel free to fill in the forms on the contact PreCog Systems page and we will be back to you swiftly. Alternatively please contact you account manager for more information.

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