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PreCog – Unique intelligence for Governments and Security Organisations.

airport flow and airside wayfinding

Airport and Port Solutions

PreCog technology allows port and airport security and management teams to gain novel intelligence regarding the complete flow of visitors from entry to exit. Furthermore, unique data can be gathered to allow for efficiencies, security, behavioural modelling and management information to be presented. We are over 80% more accurate than our competition.

government intelligence technology

Smart City Technology Solutions

PreCog Smart City technology allows the owners of environments to not only protect their visitors and citizens from harm but to gain a granular detail never before seen, until now.

For the most advanced technology that allows you to truly understand your environment, please feel free to contact us.

defence and national security precog

Defence and National Security

Governments are struggling to combat anti-state activity, terrorism, border breaches, violent crime, rampant criminality, and a general break down in law and order.

This is due to decreasing resources and an incredible increase in the numbers of criminal acts and the sophistication of organised crime.

precog national security intelligence

PreCog Systems

We are Based at the Microsoft Reactor, 70 Wilson St, Finsbury, London EC2A 2DB

Hours of operation

Monday – Sunday – 24/7

PreCog Systems is able to bespoke solutions for a range of organisations and departments. Ranging from Governmental organisations to commercial entities, we have it covered. As a result, we are agile enough to adapt to your needs.

We are supported by and work alongside some of the world’s largest organisations, both within the U.K. and abroad. Our services and solutions can be very niche, so it is worth reaching out to us directly to discuss your requirements.

PreCog Systems is able to focus on key issues within your organisation. Accordingly, our capabilities are quite extensive and unique in their application. Because of this we take great pride in what we do.

One of the key services that we offer helps Government organisation to secure countries. Using our ethical yet unique border control technology we take Airport, soft port and border protection to a new level, for instance. In conclusion, if you are looking for the world’s leading crime intelligence system, please do contact us today.

PreCog For National Security Technology

national security solutions

PreCog technology has specific application within National Security. Our processes and capabilities are vast, and our reach covers global locations. Accordingly, the main threats to the national security of the United Kingdom are terrorism, espionage, cyber issues and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Please click the above image to be taken to our page covering National Security.

Airport Border Security

airport border security flow

Securing borders using novel technology and processes is something the PreCog Systems thrives in. If you have not already spoken to us then you will think we are employing current techniques – we are not. We are heavily guarded about what it is that we do and how we do it. Click the above image for more information or please feel free to reach out to us to arrange a discussion.

Rail and Transport Security

railway security flow technology

Securing passengers, colleagues and assets from harm and theft falls directly into the capabilities of PreCog. If you want to know when persona non grata are inside your environment then you should speak to us. Do you have issue with trespass, theft, violence and crime? If so, would you like to know exactly when that’s occurring so that you can react to it? If so, you need to speak to us as we can help. Please click the image for more information however, exactly how we do what we do will not be apparent, deliberately. Because of this, you should reach out to us directly.

Please also take a look at our technology for counter terrorism page or learn more about our counter human trafficking capabilities.