Our Partners – PreCog Systems

Othrys are just one of our partners that help advise and steel the capabilities of the organisation. PreCog is further supported and backed by some of the largest and most influential organisations, globally. From Microsoft to Blackmore Borley and Arrow ECS to Cisco, you can be rest assured that we have the support required to deliver.

We choose our partners carefully ensuring our technology, services and capabilities can be delivered to the most exacting standards. Data protection and security is in the forefront of our minds and culture.

cisco precog
microsoft precog
arrow ecs precog

Arrow Electronics is an American Fortune 500 company headquartered in Centennial, Colorado. The company specialises in distribution and value added services relating to electronic components and computer products

Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business guides the development of powerful, practical and complete IT solutions by combining technologies to address specific business needs. From cloud and data intelligence to security and IoT, Arrow brings innovative solutions to market through intelligent channels to deliver the modern enterprise.

kinetic 6 six

Kinetic 6 is a provider of dynamic, innovative secure communications and security technology solutions. They work both domestically and internationally, supporting organisations that work in challenging and difficult environments, or face particular challenges. Kinetic Six support law enforcement, safety and security operations and organisations. They are proud to support, enable and empower wildlife security and conservation operations across Africa and elsewhere in the world

Why not also take a look at our counter terrorism page too, please click the below image. Also, please learn more about counter terrorism technologies too.

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