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Airport security and flow analysis with efficiencies through technology.

Airport security and flow analysis with PreCog – We pick up 80% more passengers and visitors than any of our competitors giving you the most accurate and rich data set on the market.

Airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick and UK ports such as Dover and Felixstowe are under constant pressure to perform. They need to exceed targets and ensure their customers, passengers, assets, cargo and staff get to experience the safest, most efficient and very best environment possible.

That experience could range from queue times at the departure gates and the time taken to go through security areas. Extending through to the airport retail experience and being efficiently boarded onto a plane from the gate.

Airport scanning technology from suppliers such as Smiths Detection are effective but more needs to be done.

Future Aviation Security Solutions

Airports are changing the way they do business and PreCog helps to give visitors the best possible experiential journey whilst honing efficiency and security levels for the airport or port itself.

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