Covid 19 – PreCog uses static and portable hardware to determine zones and areas of interest, both inside and outside of buildings. The hardware allows you to determine the precise density of people that are within that zone or area along with exactly how long they have been there. The zone can be a supermarket aisle, a queue or an entire building.

The hardware is also able to monitor social distancing protocols to ensure that owners of environments such as hospitals, shops, airports, railway stations and car dealerships can take relevant actions to ensure compliance and can protect visitors, colleagues and their families from harm.

Reporting and alerting is delivered in real-time wherever PreCog is present. This covers all locations that you operate from, allowing you to manage Covid 19 estate wide whilst at distance.

Accordingly, if someone is infected with Covid 19 you will be able to prove that they did not visit your location so that you can ensure reputational damage is mitigated. This allows you to either open your doors now or to keep your doors open for business in the longer term.

Once in place, if Covid 19 returns, you will have the correct technology and processes in place to ensure that you can manage visitor protocol inside your environment, in accordance with Government advice.

It is important to note that this technology does not use CCTV cameras or facial recognition and is completely novel, no apps are involved for the technology to function.

PreCog is supported by some of the largest organisations in the world, including Microsoft, Cisco, Arrow ECS, Atkins and Computacenter. Because of this you are in the very best of hands. Please reach out to your account manager for the respective organisation or approach us directly.

The hardware can be deployed and installed without having to integrate with any existing backend systems if required.

If you need to monitor and react to density, dwell and social distancing using technology then PreCog is designed with you in mind.

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